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Santander Universities / Bournemouth University Internship Scheme

MAST is participating in the Santander Universities/BU Internship Scheme which is an entrepreneurial internship programme that offers final year students and recent graduates paid work experience with SMEs. The scheme provides funded three month internships of £1,000 per month jointly funded by Santander and Bournemouth University. The position was filled by Kim Knight, a recent MSC graduate of Bournemouth University, whose internship role is described below.

Kim Knight

Portrait of Kim KnightKim Kinght diving under water

"As a recent MSc graduate in maritime archaeology it's a great experience to be able to work on, and get involved the HMS Invincible project. The opportunity provided to me through the Santander grant has allowed me the chance to work for MAST and the chance to apply the knowledge I have learnt from my MSc to a real case scenario. Furthermore, working alongside a range of experts in my chosen field will provide me with the unique chance to learn from them first hand about how a project of this size should be run from the initial stages through to excavation, conservation and curation.

My Santander grant gives me the opportunity to be a Research Assistant with MAST, preparing key archaeological equipment ready for use during the early stages of the HMS Invincible Project. This involves helping to establish the new unit which will house excavated artefacts for recording and conservation as well as cleaning and setting up the conservation tanks ready for timbers to undergo polytethelene gyclol (PEG) treatment.

I will also be able to assist in the biological pre excavation assessments on the presence of wood boring species and assess the rate of degradation on the exposed elements of the HMS Invincible site. As a BSc in Marine Biology this is an great opportunity to be able to apply my skill sets from both subjects and work within my niche research area.

Overall, I couldn't think of a better platform to start my career as a maritime archaeologist. Thank you MAST and Santander for this opportunity."